Our Story

It all started with this bag

     In the Utah flood of 1983 Wendy Benson had the idea to create a positive way to remember the event, and created this "sandbag handbag", this is the humble beginnings of koala-tees. 
     After this Wendy benson decided to take out a $1,500 loan from her grandfather to buy some used screen-printing equipment to jumpstart her business. over the years she slowly grew the company while still working a job on the side and going to college.
     In 2001 after the attack on the twin towers, Wendy benson had the idea to create t-shirts to sell for the purpose of raising money to help the effort to rebuild after the tragic event. The Local sandy city fire department, jumped in to help and after 6 solid weeks of collaborative effort with the firefighters and volunteers, she managed to raise $60,000 to donate to the New York City Fire Department.
     Since then Koala-Tees has grown and continues to grow to what is it today. into a team effort for delivering high quality custom printed clothing and promotional products.